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Sorry, this entry is only available in Italian. La magia ha sempre svolto un ruolo fondamentale nella vita delle classi subalterne che dovevano, quotidianamente, affrontare un’esistenza precaria e connotata in modo negativo da una struttura socio-economica in cui pochi benestanti sfruttavano il resto della popolazione. L’insufficiente disponibilità dei beni elementari della vita, la pressione di […]
25 July 2015 | Cultural subjects
The latifundium in Southern Italy had an impressive duration: it was abolished only in 1950 by the Riforma Agraria (agrarian reform). This system was characterized by a poor agriculture, extensive and mostly single-crop (grain, olive trees…). It was very different from the agriculture of the Northern Italy, that was more rational, intensive and diversified. What […]
13 June 2015 | Cultural subjects
The anti-fascist partisan women of World War II have always been represented surrounded by a positive aura of courage and romance. To define the italian post-unitary brigand women (brigantesse) instead, in the arrest report filled up by the military that captured them, only derogatory terms were used. The peasant women were subjected to violence and […]
17 May 2015 | Cultural subjects
The brigands (briganti): heroes or criminals? Hard to say, and probably neither one nor the other. The italian post-unification brigandage (brigantaggio) was infact a complex phenomenon, used to be defined in the history books as a problem of common crime for many decades, part of the long-standing set of economic and social problems known as […]