Oil lamps

In the ancient times the lighting was based on the lighting power of fire. For this purpose mineral and vegetable oil, wax and animal fat were burned.

Up to 19th century, beside the use of mirrors for a better light diffusion, there weren’t substantial technical improvements. It was with the finding of the lighting gas (by Lebon in 1786) that lighting had a qualitative leap.

To enlight Sassi houses candles and oil lamps were used up to 1902, when electricity became available with the provision of one lamp for each house and a lump-sum contract.

Vegetable oil lamps

Brass oil lamps

Zinc oil lamps

Iron oil lamps

Glass oil lamps

Terracotta oil lamps

Petroleum lamps

Iron petroleum lamps

Opaline petroleum lamps

Opaline and glass petroleum lamps

Brass petroleum lamps

Glass petroleum lamps


Brass candle-holders

Silver and brass candle-holders

Ceramic candle-holders

Iron candle-holders

Enamelled iron candle-holders

Glass candle-holders

Wooden candle-holders